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Wedding Dresses for Your Body Shapes

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is factored in so many different things from the price of the wedding dress to the style and shape. 

To make sure our beautiful brides don't make any mistakes in which brides may usually make when shopping for their wedding dress, we have put together the ultimate style guide to help you find the perfect wedding dress to suit your body shape. 

Straight Body Shape

Females who have a straight body shape will find they have a less defined waist than most others. Your bust and hips tend to be pretty balanced and you are not as curvy. This is important, when picking a wedding dress for a straight structure, to enhance your waistline.

Avoid: Strapless dresses can make your shoulders look broader than they are so avoid harsh necklines.

Look for: Wedding dresses with full skirts gives the illusion that the hips are wider than they are and they add a feminine shape to you. Look for wedding dress with the bust and necklines that are a V or U shape as they will add more angles to your body shape.

Best Styles: Ball gown wedding dresses, embellished wedding dresses.

Pear Body Shape

Brides with a pear body shape will tend to have hips that are wider than their bust and a have a nicely defined waist.

Avoid: Loosely fitted dresses or empire line wedding dresses. These styles won’t show your figure at its best look which would also not look as attractive and will tend to make you look bigger than you actually really are.

Look For: Wedding dresses that are fitted all the way down will show off your curves. Concentrate more on to dresses with sleeves or shoulder details to balance out your smaller shoulders with your slightly wider hips. This would equal them out.

Best Styles: Fishtail wedding dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass figure is similar to the pear body shape, however the shoulders and hips are perfectly balanced and the bust is more apparent. Brides with this body shape tend to have a defined waist.

Avoid: Try not to add weight to your bust or hips as they are already perfectly balanced. Empire wedding dresses and dresses with really heavy ball gown skirts will usually be much more less flattering than other styles.

Look For: Dresses that are very fitted around your waist will look the most attractive. Corset backs can also be chosen. Try go for a sweetheart neckline, it would look very feminine and works well really well for keeping the bust and hips balanced.

Best Styles: A-line wedding dresses, fit and flare wedding dresses, or strapless.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This particular type of body shape is where the shoulders and upper body are proportionally larger than the lower body. Your shoulders tend to be broad and your hips quite slim.

Avoid: Try to stay clear of the off shoulder dresses, as they will draw attention to your wider shoulders and lots of detail around the neckline which wouldn't help either.

Look For: V-neck wedding dresses are perfect for inverted triangle body shapes. Make sure to go for thick straps or sleeves to make the shoulders more subtle. To balance out the shape, pick out all over lace patterns as it will bring down the eyes downwards instead of concentrating on your broader upper half.

Best Styles: V-neck dresses, embellished wedding dresses.

Oval Body Shape

This is sometimes known as the ‘apple’ body shape, oval shaped women tend to have a large bust, and narrow hips. They also tend to have slender legs and arms.

Avoid: High necklines will drown your chest and give the different sections of your body no definition. Try to avoid the definition of the dress away from your waist.

Look For: Straight and subtly flared skirts and dresses which flow through the waistline is what a bride with an oval body shape should go for. Look for dresses with lower necklines and plenty of upper-body detail to take the attention away from the midsection of your body.

Best Styles: Straight/slim wedding dresses, embellished necklines, v-necklines.

Busty Body Shape

Brides with a bigger bust may find it hard to pick a wedding dress that leaves them feeling really supportive, this however does not mean that there is no dress for a bride with big busts.

Avoid: Stay away from low necklines, strapless dresses and backless dresses. They will have the least amount of support and won’t have you feeling at your most comfortable.

Look For: Styles of dress that have high necklines and are fitted under the bust are more flattering for women with larger breasts. however, if you want a more open style neckline with the support as well, illusion neck-line dresses would be a great choice for you.

Best Styles: illusion neck-line dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves.

Small Busted Body Shape

Brides with a smaller bust have more option when it comes to styles, but need to make sure there is enough detail/style in the top half of the dress to balance out the small size of their upper body.

Avoid: Sweetheart on a strapless dress may not be a good idea to wear if you have a smaller bust.

Look for: Dresses with lots of upper body detail are much easier to wear with small busts and you even have the option of wearing backless dresses as less support is needed.

Best Styles: Backless wedding dresses, dresses with plunging necklines.


When it comes to height, there are some styles which suit brides more than others. The height mostly helps carry the dress and make it suit your body.

Petite Brides

For extremely petite brides we would recommend staying away from wedding dresses that have high voluminous skirts such as ball gowns and princess style dresses. Tea length dresses can look super cute on shorter women and are a really pretty design to wear.

Tall Brides

Brides who are much taller should avoid empire line wedding dresses as they can sometimes look like one long bit of fabric rather than a beautiful dress. Tall brides usually have longer legs and what the best way is, would be to show them off by wearing a dress with a stunning slit in the skirt.


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